Uninstalling or Modifying Your Installation

You can uninstall or amend your current installation in one of two ways: you can run the installer again, or use the Programs and Features section in Windows. Both enable you to run the Installation Wizard, where you can perform the following program maintenance:

Enables you to add or remove products to and from your current installation. Any products that were already checked that you uncheck are uninstalled. Any additions are installed using the default installation path (C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x - where x.x.x is the version number). There is no option to change to a non-default location, but you can overcome this with some products by copying the installed files from the default location to your preferred location. Note that this method will not work for AcuXDBC, AcuBench, and any server products that are registered as services.
Enables you to reinstall the currently installed products.
Enables you to remove all products of your installation.