The Components of a Control

This section describes the components of ACUCOBOL-GT's graphical controls. Included is a description of the common and special properties of each control, along with the global style properties that are valid for all control types. It also includes reference entries for each control type.

To work efficiently with graphical controls, you need to be thoroughly familiar with the components of controls and their organization.

In most instances, controls are simple to create and manage. In some cases they are complex. In addition to the information in this help section, information pertaining to controls is also in:

Graphical Controls

Provides an overview of controls and how they fit into the graphical environment. In addition, it describes the use of the alternate character coordinate phrases, the creation and use of bitmap buttons, and the general use of paged list boxes and paged grids.

Styles and Special Properties

Describes how the compiler recognizes style and special property names based on the context in which they appear.

Screen Section in the ACUCOBOL-GT Reference Manual

Describes the Screen Section syntax used to create controls.

Common Screen Options in the ACUCOBOL-GT Reference Manual

Describes options that are common to Screen Section entries and the ACCEPT, DISPLAY, and MODIFY verbs. Included in this set are the phrases used to specify a control's common properties.


All controls have the following components:

  • A Type
  • A Handle
  • A set of Properties