Visual Styles and Differences Among Operating Systems

Controls can have different visual styling or themes on certain Windows operating systems such as XP and Vista. By default ACUCOBOL-GT applications will automatically employ the latest styling that is set on the workstation (via the Windows Control Panel Display options). You can modify the various styling control through the run-time configuration variables WIN32_NATIVECTLS and WIN32_3D , which are described in the ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices Guide, Appendix H.

A control's internal behavior may be different with various operating systems. In Windows systems, some configuration variables have no effect on the control's behavior. On the other hand, in character-based systems, controls are defined using the run-time's configuration file and editing capabilities. For example, the following configuration file entry causes Function Key 7 to erase the contents of an entry field under UNIX, but not under Windows:

KEYSTROKE Edit=Erase-field k7