This event occurs for grids with the PAGED style. It indicates that the user has clicked on the First Page button (the same button as the Previous Record button with the Shift key held down). The runtime system responds to this event by positioning the record pointer at the beginning of the data source. Assuming that the data source is an indexed file, a START statement sets the record pointer so that a READ NEXT would retrieve the first record in the file. If you set EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-NORMAL (this is the default), the following occurs after this event has finished:

  1. The control is emptied of data, except for any column headers
  2. The control generates a page-worth of MSG-PAGED-NEXT events to fill up the first page of data

If you opted to fill up the first page itself in response to this event, set EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-COMPLETE to inform the grid that it should not generate the MSG-PAGED-NEXT events to fill the first page. If you cannot start at the beginning of the file (because the file is empty), set EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-FAIL.