For companies with mission-critical COBOL business applications, the ability to interoperate with other technologies while retaining their time-proven programs can present some interesting opportunities. Imagine your legacy code interacting with applications in another language, working with XML documents, accessing data in a variety of databases, or operating in an application server environment. Such possibilities can help you refresh a long-established application and, perhaps more importantly, provide the needed edge for your company to compete successfully in today's tight marketplace.

For companies with ACUCOBOL-GT® applications, interoperability with other technologies is an attainable goal. The extend® family of technologies includes many opportunities for extending and enhancing your legacy applications, allowing you to integrate that code with other enterprise information technology components regardless of their platform, language, database, or network infrastructure. You can combine our technologies in a number of ways to solve your business issues, while protecting your valuable investment in legacy applications. A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT provides information to help you facilitate this integration as the need arises.