Building a Shared Library for HP-UX 11.0

Because we do not offer a shared library distribution of ACUCOBOL-GT on HP-UX 11.0 or before, customers who want to use the Java API feature need to create the shared library manually. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Add the following five lines to the end of $ACUCOBOL/lib/Makefile. Note that the whitespace before the fourth and fifth lines must be tabs, not spaces.
    SHAREDLIB_LDFLAGS = -s +b $(ACUVERSPATH)/lib:$(ACUPATH)/lib:.:../stdlib:/usr/lib:/lib amain.o $(SUBS)
            ld -b $(SHAREDLIB_LDFLAGS) -o amain.o $(SUBS) \
                  $(RUNTIME_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SYS_LIBS)
  2. Run "make" from the $ACUCOBOL/lib directory.

    This creates a file named "" that can be loaded by the CVM class when calling COBOL from Java. You can also add "" to the "clean" target so that "make clean" will remove "".