Accessing Vision Data from ODBC Applications

AcuXDBC can be configured to give users of popular Windows applications access to Vision data over the Internet. With AcuXDBC, you can retrieve and update ACUCOBOL-GT® indexed or relative data files from many Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Query, and Crystal Reports. These applications can access your files whether they reside on the same Windows PC, on a different computer in an enterprise network, or on a UNIX or Windows server in a LAN, WAN, or Internet configuration.

To gain access to remote Vision files over the Internet, you must have AcuXDBC Server installed on the server.

With AcuXDBC Server, the SQL query is processed on the server and just the result is returned to the client. This reduces network traffic and often leads to performance gains.

AcuXDBC w/AcuXDBC Server configuration, for remote SQL processing