Security and AcuXDBC

If you decide to use AcuXDBC to give users access to data over the Internet, you will want to provide security measures to ensure that your data is safe from corruption or unauthorized access.

Setting up a firewall limits access to your data and enforces your organization's access control policy. When you set up a firewall, you'll need to indicate the "port number" through which applications gain access to your data. To define the port number for AcuXDBC Server, use the dialog box. The default port number for AcuXDBC Server is 20222.

Another way to secure your data is to encrypt it within your application before it is sent to AcuXDBC Server. Encryption provides an extra layer of security over and above the firewall your organization employs.

AcuXDBC Server uses typical relational database table permissions using the GRANT SQL syntax.