This is an optional method that forces a shutdown of a specific Web runtime instance. For example:


shuts down the runtime instance known as "AcuGTAX1", if it is running.

AcuShutdownAx terminates the COBOL application invoked by the Web runtime. In general, you need not use it because the Web runtime either terminates as a result of the COBOL program execution, or because the browser either displays another URL or closes. If, for some reason, you want to force shutdown of the Web runtime instance, this method is available.

Parameter Type    Input    Output
() [ ] [ ]

The shutdown action assumes that the COBOL application is currently in idle mode. If the runtime is not idle, the browser hangs, waiting for the application to idle. This method takes no parameters, and there is no return value for this function.

AcuShutdownAx implicitly terminates the Web runtime when you terminate the COBOL application you are running. So, when you execute this method, the Web runtime is terminated, closing files properly, even though data that was not stored permanently is lost.