FILE_PREFIX override

FILE_PREFIX is initially set to the list of directories specified in the "acuauth.txt" file. If you define an alternate FILE_PREFIX in the configuration file that you embed with your object library, that value overrides the "acuauth.txt" setting. The COBOL program may use ACCEPT FROM ENVIRONMENT to get the initial value of FILE_PREFIX and add to it or reset it. APPLY_FILE_PATH may come in handy for existing programs. The override is generally useful only if you set FILE_PREFIX with remote name notation for use with AcuServer. If you specify local directories in FILE_PREFIX, please note that your program will have permission to access these directories only if users add them to the "acuauth.txt" file on their machines. If the files being accessed are indexed files, the Web runtime must first obtain a valid license, which may be either located on the client or obtained by AcuServer.