To define the runtime as a viewer in Internet Explorer

To invoke viewers, Internet Explorer uses the file type associations that users have set up for their Windows configurations. The procedure to add a file type association for ACUCOBOL-GT object files depends on your operating system.

Windows NT, 2000, ME, and XP users do the following:

  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Folder Options and click the File Types tab.
  3. Click New to open the Create New Extension dialog box.
  4. Type .acu for extension and click OK.

    Create New Extension dialog box

  5. On the File Types tab, click Advanced.

    File Types Tab

  6. From the Edit File Type box, select New... from the Actions field.
  7. Click inside each field in the box and do the following:
    Field Action
    Action: Type OPEN
    Application used to perform action:      Browse to and select ACUCOBOL-GT runtime file "wrun32.exe". Click at the end of this field and type "%1" preceded by a space. Include the quotation marks. This indicates the complete path to the COBOL program file.

    Note: If users want to specify command line options, they may do so by typing the option after the executable name.

    The New Action dialog box should look similar to this:

    New Action dialog box

  8. Click OK to accept the new action.
  9. Change the icon for the application as desired. The Edit File Type box should look similar to this:

    Edit File Type dialog box

  10. Click OK to accept the new file type.