ACUCOBOL-GT conforms to five different standards regarding the values of file status codes. These codes are those used by RM/COBOL-85 (ANSI 85), RM/COBOL version 2 (ANSI 74), Data General ICOBOL, VAX COBOL, and IBM DOS/VS COBOL. By default, ACUCOBOL-GT uses the RM/COBOL-85 set. You can change the current set by changing the configuration variable FILE_STATUS_CODES. See File Status Codes in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide for more information.

The Table of Codes describes the various file status codes returned by each condition. Some of the status values in the table have a second two-character code listed. This code distinguishes between different causes for the same FILE STATUS code. You can obtain this second code value by calling the C$RERR ACUCOBOL-GT library routine. Where a second code is not listed, its value is 00.

For file systems that support READ PREVIOUS, wherever READ NEXT is mentioned, you may assume that READ PREVIOUS is also implied. An end of file for READ NEXT is analogous to a beginning of file for READ PREVIOUS.