GIVING result

Return Values

This op-code returns one of the following statuses:

Positive value Success
WPRTERR-SPOOLER-CLOSED (-6) The op-code has been called before the print job has been started (before OPEN has been executed). This is not possible.
WPRTERR-NO-COLUMNS (-13) The op-code has been called before any columns have been set. This is not possible.


WINPRINT-COLUMN-ALIGN-VERT enables your COBOL application to support printing requests that contain fonts of alternate heights. This op-code tells the runtime to find the tallest font, and align the print so that all the print on one line comes out without any overlap of print from another line that immediately precedes or follows. Using this op-code only has meaning if you use alternate height fonts within the same line in conjunction with the WINPRINT-COLUMN feature. If you do not use alternate fonts, you do not need to call WINPRINT-COLUMN-ALIGN-VERT.

Do not call WINPRINT-COLUMN-ALIGN-VERT until all columns are set; if you do, the alignment calculations will be incorrect and the result unpredictable.

The new op-code WINPRINT-COLUMN-ALIGN-VERT is fully supported in thin client environments.


When using alternate fonts simultaneously, the runtime's internal line counter does not stay accurate with the actual line height. If you are using a variety of font heights you should take measures to control how much space there is left on the page.