Compiler Compatibility Modes

The ACUCOBOL-GT Compiler accepts certain variants of the COBOL language. These variants are designed to make it easier to compile programs written using other COBOL compilers. The variants, or alternate compatibility modes, are based on the following popular compilers: VAX COBOL version 4.0, Ryan McFarland COBOL version 2.X, ICOBOL, and HP COBOL II/XL. Limited compatibility with IBM DOS/VS COBOL is also available.

ACUCOBOL-GT documentation refers to these modes respectively as VAX COBOL compatibility mode, RM/COBOL compatibility mode, ICOBOL compatibility mode, HP COBOL compatibility mode, and IBM DOS/VS COBOL compatibility mode.

The compatibility mode to use for a program is selected when that program is compiled.Different programs may use different compatibility modes, even if they are part of the same run unit. See Compatibility Options for more information.

Differences in these modes are detailed in the appropriate areas of the help. Their differences primarily lie in the handling of files and the ACCEPT and DISPLAY verbs. Unless otherwise noted, any comments applying to VAX COBOL compatibility mode also apply to ICOBOL compatibility mode.