Resource Files

A resource is a piece of static data (such as a bitmap) that is required by the program and is embedded directly into the object file. Because a resource is not actually a separate file in the target environment, using resources reduces the number of physical files required on the target machine and thus can simplify the installation of your programs. Using resources is essential if you want to include bitmap images or sound files in an application that will be dynamically loaded over the World Wide Web. Bitmap files (BMP and JPEG), sound files (WAV), ActiveX resource files, and runtime configuration files are the only types of resources supported in the current version of ACUCOBOL-GT.

Note: In order to use JPEG files, you must have the file ajpg32.dll installed in the same directory as the runtime. Only 32-bit runtimes support JPEG format images. If you need JPEG support on 64-bit Windows, run the 32-bit runtime or the Thin Client. You can also run the Thin Client with the 64-bit runtime.