This variable is designed for use with AcuXML for instances when you want to include a schema or schema name with your XML output and you want precise control over the schema namespace string shown in the output. The default value of this variable is:


By default, when ACUCOBOL-GT writes XML output (and a schema has been requested), it substitutes the "%s" in this variable with the name of the schema file specified with the AXML_SCHEMA_NAME configuration variable. For instance, if AXML_SCHEMA_NAME is set to myschema, ACUCOBOL-GT will include the following line in the XML output:


If you need something different than "myschema.xsd" written in the namespace output, add this variable to your configuration file and alter the namespace value in the quotes to meet your requirements.

Note: If you want to include a single "%" character in the namespace, add a second percent sign "%%" to the definition of this variable.

In general, the value of this variable is used in the standard C library printf() function as the first argument, and all printf() rules apply.