The Arial font shipped with Windows 98 Version 2 has a character width of 35 pixels, while the Arial font shipped with earlier versions of Windows and Windows NT has a width of 23 pixels. This might cause field overlap or screen distortions in programs that rely on the smaller version of the Arial font. Setting this variable to 1 (on, true, yes) causes the runtime to use the 23-pixel measurement for fields, regardless of which version of Arial (35 or 23-pixel) is being used.

The default value of 0 (off, false, no) will cause fields to be sized according to the version of Arial used.

Note: Because the 35-pixel version of Arial is wider, uppercase characters may be truncated when their size is computed with the 23-pixel measurement. Use of this variable may not compensate for all possible character width sizing issues. Some reprogramming of your screens may be required.