Miscellaneous Commands

The -tree option produces a listing of the internal B-tree in a file called v_tree. The command is:

vutil  -tree  [ -q ]  file

This is primarily used by Micro Focus staff to help debug suspected problems with Vision. Five columns of information are displayed, with these headings:

Left/Rec Uniq Size Pre Key

The Left/Rec column displays the pointer from the entry to the next tree level or to the actual record itself. The Uniq value is used to distinguish duplicated keys. The Size field is the number of bytes in the key (as stored after key compression). The Pre field is the number of bytes this key shares with the preceding key. The Key field is the actual key value.

The -version option of vutil tells you which version of the utility you are running. The command is:

vutil  [ -q ]  -version
-q    This option causes vutil to exit (with status 99) if user interaction is required.