Condition Section

Condition definitions identify fields that are not present in every record. This section of the XFD specifies the number of condition definitions set, followed by the actual definitions. Each definition appears on its own line, and contains the condition number and type. A table of condition types appears at the end of this section.

In a simple text XFD, the condition section appears as follows:

# [Condition Section]

Here, there is one condition (001). Condition number 001 is a type 4 (greater than, ">") condition specifying that the field CL-CLIENT-ID is greater than 200.

In XML format, the same condition section would appear as follows:

<xfd:conditions xfd:condition-count="1" >
  <xfd:condition xfd:condition-number="1">

The recognized condition types are:

Type    Description
 1 Equal to (=)
 2 And
 3 Other
 4 Greater than (>)
 5 Greater than or equal to (>=)
 6 Less than (<)
 7 Less than or equal to (<=)
 8 Not equal to (!=)
 9 Or