Adding a Data Source Name

To add a DSN to the ODBC Data Source Administrator, follow these steps.
  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs/extend x.x.x/AcuXDBC/ODBC Data Source Administrator. The ODBC Data Source Administrator appears with the User DSN tab selected. User DSNs are one of three types of DSNs managed by the ODBC Data Source Administrator:
    DSN Description
    User Stores information about how to connect to a specific data source; may be used only by the current user on the current machine.
    System The most common type of DSN that you and your users will create for AcuXDBC. Same as the UserDSN, but available to all users on a particular machine, including NT services. Local to the computer, rather than dedicated to a user. The system or any user having privileges, can use a data source set up with a system DSN.
    File A file-based data source that may be shared among all users who have the same drivers installed. AcuXDBC does not support File DSNs.
  2. Select the User DSN or System DSN tab, depending on your preference, and click Add.
  3. From the Create New Data Source dialog box, select AcuXDBC Driver, and then click Finish. If AcuXDBC Driver is not an option in the list box, reinstall AcuXDBC on your system. The AcuXDBC Setup screen appears. It contains three tabs: General, Advanced, and Logging. Complete these tabs. For more information, see the following related topics.