Debugging on Windows

Perform the following steps to debug with acuthin:
  1. On your Windows machine, navigate to the cobolgt\Debug\Win32\bin directory, and execute the following command:
    acuthin --wait --port 6000 --restart

    Where 6000 is the port number it is listening on.

  2. On your UNIX machine, in the SRF, create a tag that looks like this:
    {{ Debug(On, type=acuthin, 

    Where is the name of the client machine on which acuthin is listening and 6000 is the port number that it is listening on.

When the service program starts, the debugger will appear on your Windows machine. Note that the request handler will only wait so long before it decides that the service will not take a request, so get to the B$ReadRequest as soon as possible.