RMNet is a library of COBOL callable subprograms for exchanging messages with other computers using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is possible to construct the messages to be exchanged strictly within the COBOL program, but the recommended solution is to use the Micro Focus XML Extensions product to reliably construct well formed messages.

Before using the RMNet library, it is necessary for your program to call the NetInit subprogram to initialize the library. When your program is finished with the RMNet library, call the NetCleanup subprogram to release the internal resources that RMNet has allocated.
Note: NetCleanup does not free the resources that it has returned to your program. Use the NetFree subprogram to free these resources.

To transmit a request for information to another computer and wait for the response, use the HttpGet subprogram. To transmit a message to another computer and wait for a response message, use the HttpPost subprogram. By HTTP protocol standards, use HttpGet when your program is merely requesting information from the remote machine and HttpPost when updating the data on the other machine. (Note that SOAP defies HTTP conventions and use HttpPost for all requests.)

If an error occurs during the processing of your program's request, use the NetGetError subprogram to retrieve a text interpretation of the error.