Starting and Stopping a Gateway Service

Note: If you plan to run more than one Gateway on the machine, you need multiple gateway configuration files.


  1. On the Gateway Services tab of the AcuToWeb control panel, select the required service, then do one of the following:
    • If the service is currently stopped, click Start.
    • If the service is currently started, click Stop.

    A confirmation box appears.

  2. Click Yes to confirm.

    The service is either started or stopped.


To start the Gateway from a command prompt, run the following command from the AcuToWeb sub-directory of your installation directory:

.\Tools\Python\python.exe -OO .\Gateway\ .\conf\gateway.conf

However, this requires that your command prompt window must remain open whilst you require the gateway. An alternative command that does not require you to keep the window open is:

.\Tools\Python\pythonw.exe -OO .\Gateway\ .\conf\gateway.conf

If you use this command, you must use the Services dialog box on the Windows Control Panel to stop the gateway.


On UNIX/Linux platforms, there is an executable called acutoweb-gateway. This supports the following commands:

  • acutoweb-gateway -start
  • acutoweb-gateway -kill
  • acutoweb-gateway -status

From a shell prompt, and in the directory that you installed AcuToWeb, use the following command:

./Python2.7/python -OO ./Gateway/ gateway.conf