Segment Naming of Vision 6 Files

Vision 6 files only have one data and one index segment, each of which may grow to nearly 128TB due to the use of 48-bit file offsets.

New indexed files are created as Vision 6 files unless the V_VERSION configuration variable specifies otherwise. If Vision 6 is not available for a particular system, Vision 5 is the default.

The UNIX configuration variable LARGE_FILE_LIMIT_1TB default setting is ON for HP-UX ports only. It is common for HP-UX systems to be configured with file systems that only support large files up to 1TB. Trying to use file offsets larger than that generate I/O errors even though large file access is available. Set this configuration variable to OFF for HP-UX systems that support file access larger than 1TB when a Vision file larger than 1TB is needed.

The i_info() Vision API function and the I$IO standard library function now return a result with larger fields when called with mode -8 to obtain the file name and size. See the sample/def/filesys.def FILE-SEGMENT-INFO data items for the exact details of the new result structure returned.