Referencing Files in System Locations

Several techniques are provided that allow files in system locations to be referenced from within a .srf file.

Under BIS/IIS, the following environment variables are useful in pathnames. Note that EXPAND_ENV_VARS must be set in the service configuration file for these to be useful.

Variable Description
ProgramFiles The location of the Windows Program Files directory.
SystemRoot The drive and directory containing the Windows operating system.


The fully qualified path to the directory containing temporary files for the current process. Note that TMP and TEMP normally refer to the same directory, but this is not required.
USERPROFILE The user's home directory.
WINDIR Same as SystemRoot .
AllUsersProfile The home directory for All Users.

On BIS/IIS, you can also define synonyms on the server using the configuration file, or directly define environment variables using the SYSTEM control panel applet:

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables

For example, if you add MyPrograms="c:\My Programs" to the environment, and have EXPAND_ENV_VARS in your configuration file, then you can refer to the file abc.cob by specifying a path of $MyPrograms/abc.cob. See Setting Environment Variables for information about setting and modifying environment variables on Windows.

On UNIX, use the xbis.conf configuration file to define BIS environment variables. See Configuring Apache for details.