Adding an Access Record

Use this procedure to add a record to the access file.

  1. On the Access tab, with the required access file open, click New.

    The Access User dialog box appears.

  2. Complete the options as follows:
    Field Description
    Client Machine The official host name by which the client machine is identified on the TCP/IP network. For distributed processing on Windows, this name is found in the Host field under Control Panel > TCP/IP Properties > DNS Configuration.

    An asterisk (*) in this field means "match all client machines".

    Client User Name

    The user's login name on the client system. An empty field means "match all client users".

    Local User Name The local user name that AcuConnect will use when fulfilling requests for the client user. If this field is blank, AcuConnect attempts to use the client user name; if that is not a valid name on the server, the value of the DEFAULT_USER configuration variable is used. If DEFAULT_USER is not defined, the connection will be refused (AcuConnect returns an error 9D/103).

    If DEFAULT_USER is used to connect to AcuConnect on an NTFS partition under Windows NT, 2000, 2003, or 2008, be sure that DEFAULT_USER has both READ (RX) permissions on wrun32.exe and the appropriate permissions to access any file.

    Password The password associated with the local user name.
    Confirm Password Confirmation of the password associated with the local user name.
    Umask The octal value (between 000 and 777) that determines file permissions.
  3. Click OK.

    The record is added to the access file.