To Create a System Catalog using xdbcutil

  1. Change to the directory where you want your system catalog installed.
  2. Enter one of the following commands:
    xdbcutil -c

    f you plan to grant database and table privileges to individual users, use the -pa option as well to create a user/group catalog and an object permissions catalog:

    xdbcutil -c -pa

    Because the above command will create all of the system catalog files in the current directory, you may want to use this command instead:

    On Windows:

    xdbcutil -c -pa -d  %GENESIS_HOME%/syscat

    On UNIX:

    xdbcutil -c -pa -d  $GENESIS_HOME/syscat
    Note: If you use the -d option to specify a catalog path, be sure to amend your COBOL configuration file to point to your system catalog. Do this using the DICTSOURCE variable