Demonstration Programs

Included with your AcuSQL software are several ESQL demonstration programs. These programs provide working examples of ESQL COBOL program code that connects to DB2, Access, MySQL, and Oracle databases. The source files are located in the sample/acusql subdirectory where ACUCOBOL-GT is installed. A different directory is provided for each database. Program source files have the three-character suffix .sqb. For those using AcuBench, an AcuSQL demonstration program is included in the sample project Samprj.

The section Sample Programs, provides a description of five of these programs and uses them to highlight examples of SQL syntax. Acquaint yourself with these programs and, if you have the underlying middleware support, pre-compile, compile, and run them. The DB2 program requires a Windows-to-DB2 ODBC data connection; the Access and Oracle programs require an ODBC data source. The program code includes examples of how to establish connections and how to access and manipulate data.