Diagnosing Unexpected User Errors on a UNIX Server

Follow the procedure below to diagnose unexpected user errors on a UNIX server.
  1. Confirm your client user name. Log on to the client system using the same user name and UNIX environment that resulted in the unexpected user name. At the UNIX prompt, enter:
    who am i

    Is the user name returned the name you expected?

  2. Confirm the name of the client system. Enter:

    The system will return its official network host name.

  3. On the server, examine the server access file for the record that matches the client machine name/client user name combination. Run the server access file manager utility:
    acurcl -access
    Note: This task requires root privileges on a UNIX server. It should be done by the AcuConnect system administrator.
    1. Be sure to enter the name of the working server access file when prompted.
    2. Select menu item [4], Display one/all security records.
    3. Respond N to the Display all records? prompt.
    4. To the next two prompts, provide the client machine name and client user name, respectively. The matching record will be displayed.
    The AcuConnect system administrator should be able to determine whether this is the appropriate and expected access record for the client machine name/client user name combination and take any necessary steps to modify the record, or add a new one.