To Set Up The DB2 User Environment

  1. Create a plain text file that will serve as your ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file.
  2. Within the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file, set the A_DB2_LOGIN and A_DB2_PASSWD variables, like so:
    A_DB2_LOGIN user-name
    A_DB2_PASSWD passwd
    Note: Alternatively, you may not want to specify such details in a file. In which case, you can either set them as environment variables, or set the password variable from your COBOL program by prompting the user to enter a password and then executing:
  3. Set the A_DB2_DATASOURCE variable using one of the methods mentioned in the previous step.
  4. Define any other ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file variables you require for your unique environment. For example, consider whether or not setting the USER_PATH variable would be useful in your setup situation.
  5. Set the A_CONFIG environment variable to identify your ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file.