Running Your Application

Before using the AcuSQL® runtime for the first time, you should test your Windows-to-data or UNIX-to-data host connection software. If you're using IBM's DB2 Connect software, you can test your connection under Windows by launching the Client Configuration Assistant and clicking Test. For full testing instructions, consult your DB2 Connect documentation. To test other vendors' connectivity software, consult your product documentation. It is essential that you prove the proper functioning of your database connection software before attempting to run your program.

The program object file created by successful pre-compilation and compilation is ready for immediate execution. Generally, there are no special options or configuration settings needed to run an ESQL program. However, if you are using transactions in a SQL Server environment, you will need to set some runtime configuration variables. See Runtime Configuration Variables for SQL Server for information on these variables.

To start the program within AcuBench® integrated development environment, simply double-click on the executable file in the Object tab. To start the program from the DOS or UNIX command line, enter the name of your ACUCOBOL-GT® runtime executable (wrun32.exe on DOS, runcbl on UNIX) followed by the name of the executable file (the runtime executable must be in a directory that is included in the current PATH definition). See Using the Compiler in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide for a detailed discussion of the runtime environment and runtime options.