Starting and Stopping acuserve

You must be logged onto a UNIX server as root or superuser or onto a Windows NT, Windows 2000 to 2008 server with administrator privileges to start or stop acuserve.

When you start acuserve, you can specify a number of startup options. If you start acuserve without specifying any options, the current defaults are used. AcuServer returns a status to the operating system indicating success or failure of the start. See Start Status Codes for a list of return codes.

When you stop the acuserve daemon/service, acuserve attempts to close all open files before shutting down.

If you terminate the acuserve process using UNIX commands, such as kill, or using the Windows Task Manager, you prevent acuserve from performing an orderly shutdown. These methods should never be used when clients are actively using AcuServer. Instead, stop acuserve using one of the procedures described in the help.