This configuration variable is designed for UNIX systems that are dedicated AcuServer servers. If the variable LOCK_ALL_FILES is set to 1, it causes AcuServer to lock all files that it opens. Access to locked files is faster than access to files that are not locked. As a result, LOCK_ALL_FILES can improve data access speed. If AcuServer is running on a UNIX system that other users are also using, this configuration variable should be set to 0 (the default), or the other users may not have access to the files. On Windows systems, AcuServer always locks the files it uses, so it is not necessary to configure this option.

Note that ACUCOBOL-GT runtimes that do not use acuserve may also be locked out if this variable is set to 1. Therefore, if your site uses this option, all runtimes must use acuserve to access the files (set USE_LOCAL_SERVER to 1).

When LOCK_ALL_FILES is set to 0, files are no longer automatically locked, and access times are increased.