Configuring Keyword Behaviors

By default, the Code Editor displays ACUCOBOL-GT reserved words in blue, while ordinary text is shown in black. In addition to changing the color used to mark reserved words, discussed in Modifying Editor Appearance, you can add words to a keyword list, or remove words from that list, in order to determine how those words are displayed in the Code Editor. You can also determine how far the next line after the keyword will be indented, if at all.

These keyword lists affect only the workbench's colorization and auto-indent functions. Adding or deleting a keyword in a default list does not affect the behavior of the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler. To change the list of reserved words recognized by the compiler, use the -R flag, described in ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide.

You can modify the set of keywords recognized by the AcuBench Code Editor as follows:

To determine the automatic indenting behavior associated with Code Editor keywords, select one of the three Auto indent radio buttons near the bottom of the dialog box.