Stack Info Window

The Stack Info window is equivalent to the ACUCOBOL-GT debugger's View Perform Stack command. The window lists all of the nested paragraphs leading up to the current statement, from the beginning of the program or thread. As your program executes, the Stack Info window displays the source file name, line number, and paragraph.

By default, the Stack Info window displays the full path to a particular file. To toggle the display between the full path name and just the file name, right-click inside the Stack Info window and select Full Path Filename.

To position the cursor at a specific paragraph in your code, double-click the file path in the Stack Info window.

When you start a program in the debugger, you can view the Stack Info window either by choosing Debug Window > Call Stack from the View menu or with the Call Stack toolbar button. As your program executes, stack information (file path, line number, and paragraph name) appears in the window.