Grids Generated Without LoadGridInit and LoadGridNext Events

If you did not create LoadGrid events, AcuBench still adds lines to the .cbl source file that you can use to read multiple records into the control. The code for this paragraph, Acu-report-grid-TABBODY, is generated between {Bench} tags. One PERFORM statement is isolated in such a way as to allow you to add code to populate the grid with data.

           PERFORM Acu-Initialize-Report-Grid   
      *(Bench}initial grid load para 
           PERFORM UNTIL Report-Report-Grid-LOADGD-SW = 0 
              PERFORM Acu-Report-Grid-TabbodyPrintLoop 
      *(Bench}next grid load para 
           PERFORM Acu-CLOSE-Report-Grid 

For the same reasons as described with the report control, it is recommended that you define the code to populate the grid in the Report Composer via the Grid event tab.