Managing the System: UNIX

The acurcl command is your control and maintenance interface to AcuConnect. The acurcl command is used on the server at the command line (or with the graphical control panel under Windows) and initiates the following actions:

When the acurcl command is entered with no options, a list of options (or a graphical control panel in Windows) appears.

The acurcl command formats on UNIX servers are:

acurcl –access
acurcl -alias
acurcl -config [server] [-n  port]
acurcl -info [server] [-n port]
acurcl -kill [server] [-f] [-n port] [-p PID]
acurcl -start [-c config_file] [-d] [-e error_file] [-l] [-t #] [-n port]
acurcl -version

In addition to these command formats, the following formats are available on Windows servers:

acurcl -install [server] [-depends ServiceDependency].
                [any valid start options]
acurcl -query [server] [-n  port]
acurcl -remove [server] [-n port]