This configuration variable applies only to the thin client automatic update feature. When an event triggers the update process, the thin client displays a message box informing the user that an update is required. The value of the TC_AUTO_UPDATE_QUERY_MESSAGE configuration variable determines the message displayed in that message box. The default value of the variable depends on the circumstances that triggered the automatic update. For example, if the automatic update is initiated by a version or protocol number mismatch, the default message displayed is the following:

Incompatible server version
Server version: <srvvers>, client <clntvers>
Server protocol: <srvproto>, client <clntproto>
Press OK to automatically correct this problem

where <srvvers>, <clntvers>, <srvproto>, and <clntproto> are replaced by the server version, client version, server protocol number, and client protocol number, respectively.

See Informing the User When an Update Is Needed for more information about this variable, including other default values.