Installing AcuConnect in Thin Client on a VMS Server

For VMS platforms (version 7.2 or later), AcuConnect software is shipped in BACKUP format. Select a directory on the server to hold the AcuConnect software, then extract the files from the tape following the installation instructions on the Quick Start card that came with your product. You should be logged in to the SYSTEM account or an account with SYSPRV system privileges.

Note: Runtimes on VMS servers use RMS indexed files rather than Vision.
  1. Define a symbol so users can access AcuConnect. Set up a symbol for each AcuConnect user:
    acurcl == "$disk:[directory]acurcl.exe"
  2. Use the acurcl -access command that launches the access file utility to create a server access file:
    acurcl -access
    Enter the name of the Server Access File
    Filename [acuaccess.dat]: acuaccess.dat
    See The Server Access File for information about creating and maintaining the server access file. Note that the server access file in VMS is an RMS indexed file.
  3. Set up user account quotas to define each user's capabilities. You can always modify account quotas as needed, but the following settings if you encounter quota errors are suggested:
    Maxjobs:      0    Fillm:      300   Bytlm:       100000
    Maxacctjobs:  0    Shrfillm:     0   Pbytlm:           0
    Maxdetach:    0    BIOlm:    10000   JTquota:       4096
    Prclm:       40    DIOlm:    10000   WSdef:       100000
    Prio:         4    ASTlm:      400   WSquo:       100000
    Queprio:      0    TQElm:      400   WSextent:    100000
    CPU:     (none)    Enqlm:     4000   Pgflquo:     100000

    AcuConnect is now installed and ready for configuration on the VMS server.

    See Creating a Server Configuration File for possible configuration variable settings. See Creating a Server Alias File in Thin Client and Starting AcuConnect in Thin Client on a VMS Server to learn how to create and maintain an alias file that holds all the information needed to start the desired application on the server, and for a description of how to start AcuConnect in this environment.