Limits and Ranges

The following limits exist when working with DB2:
Maximum number of columns per key:    16
Maximum number of columns: 500
Maximum index size: 255
Maximum record size: 4005
Note that these limits may be further constrained by your database configuration. For example, the size of your page affects the maximum row size. Some limits are given here, but please refer to your database documentation for additional information.
Page Size    Maximum Row Size    Maximum Column Count    Maximum Index Size
4K 4,005 500 255
8K 8,101 1,012
16K 16,293 1,012
32K 32,677 1,012

To achieve the same sort or retrieval sequence under DB2 as under the file system, place a BINARY XFD directive immediately before each key field that contains signed numeric data. High values and low values can cause problems in key fields. If you want data that uses the BINARY XFD directive to be stored as hexadecimal encoded CHAR types, you can specify A_DB2_USE_CHAR_FOR_BINARY in the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file.

Other limits are described in Limits and Ranges of the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation.