The BAR control draws a line on the screen. The line can be either horizontal or vertical, and can be any width. Several options allow you to produce special effects such as double lines and raised or engraved lines. Additional options allow lines to be joined together to form rectilinear objects and shapes.

The bar control is available for both character-based systems and graphical environments. However, on character-based systems, the DOTTED, DASHED, and DOT-DASH styles are not supported. The following special properties are also not supported on character systems: WIDTH, COLORS, SHADING, POSITION-SHIFT, TRAILING-SHIFT, and LEADING-SHIFT.

In a graphical environment, the bar control covers any portion of text that occupies the same space as the bar. In a character-based environment, the bar does not cover the text, and it is displayed as a broken line.

Bar controls are drawn in the order created. This can be important when you are overlapping bars to create junctions.