The CALL_OPTIONS class represents the options for each called COBOL program. If you want to pass program options to the "cvm.callProgram" method that runs the COBOL program, create a CALL_OPTIONS object, then add options to it. The CALL_OPTIONS class is structured as follows:

 public String GetOption( String key );
 public void SetOption( String key, String value );

Valid call options include:

The CALL_OPTIONS class contains a linkage_signature property that describes the data in the linkage section. For example, a linkage_signature of "X45X20SSIJ" describes two PIC X items of 45 and 20 bytes respectively, two shorts, an integer, and a long.

The linkage_signature ensures that there is enough memory for Java strings to get passed in, even when the Java string has a shorter length than the PIC X data item in the linkage section. For example, a Java string of length 10 can be passed into a PIX X(45) data item. In this case, 45 bytes are allocated to memory, not 10 bytes.