Support for IBM WebSphere MQ

IBM WebSphere MQ, formerly MQSeries®, is messaging middleware designed to enable application integration. The WebSphere MQ products help business applications to exchange information across different platforms by sending and receiving data as messages. WebSphere MQ provides base messaging functions for servers and clients. It handles network interfaces, communications protocols, and workload distribution so that messages can be delivered promptly.

WebSphere MQ provides a consistent multiplatform, application-programming interface for coding messaging tasks. It supports many different platforms, including AIX, Compaq NSK, DOS, DYNIX/ptx, HP UX, Linux, Mac OS, MVS/ESA, NUMA-Q, OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX, OS/2, OS/390, OS/400, Solaris, UNIX, Unisys 2200 Series, Unisys A Series, UnixWare, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA, Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Java.

ACUCOBOL-GT supports IBM WebSphere MQ in the following ways:

Properly configured, the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime allows you to access IBM applications on a mainframe or other host, and to use ACUCOBOL-GT GUI interfaces as a front end to your IBM COBOL applications.