To enable your program to generate XML output:

If your program needs only to output XML data, the process is even simpler:

Prepare your ACUCOBOL-GT application

  1. Decide what data is needed in the XML file.
  2. Write an FD that describes that data in the desired way. Note that if you have a sequential file that already describes the data, this step is not necessary.
  3. COPY the FD into your COBOL program, and compile with the "-Fa" option.

Step 2: Set up and configure the runtime system

  1. Install the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime, object code, data dictionaries, and COBOL data files on the end-user system.
  2. Create a configuration file for the runtime as described in step 2c above. Include output variables, such as:
    axml-create-style     schema
    axml-schema-name      myschema
    axml-create-schema    false
    axml-stylesheet-type  text/css
    axml-stylesheet-href  mystyle.css

Step 3: Run your ACUCOBOL-GT program normally