Updating Your Web Page to Invoke Your COBOL Application

To invoke your COBOL application and the Web thin client from your Web page, you use the HTML <OBJECT> tag. The <OBJECT> tag allows you to invoke both of these items with a single HTML element. If you add the CODEBASE attribute, users can automatically download the control the first time they access the application, and they can get updates automatically. The browser checks the CLASSID property and downloads a new version of the control, if one is available.

In addition, we have developed an object interface containing several properties and methods for communicating with browsers. If desired, you can implement all of the properties in the object interface as attributes of the <OBJECT> tag.

Advanced users may choose to instantiate their application with the <OBJECT> tag, and then write scripts with the object interface to invoke the application. Please note that scripting the Web thin client may require changes to your end users' security settings. See How Internet Explorer security affects the Web thin client for more information.