Changes Affecting Version 8.0


In previous versions, an END-PERFORM was required when the PERFORM was nested in an EVALUATE statement. With Version 8.0, the compiler accepts the WHEN verb as an implied END-PERFORM.


Comments in C$XML no longer include the expression:

 '.* - generated by ACUCOBOL-GT v.*\n*'

If you depend on having those comments, you will need to rework your application in some way.

For .NET, the type checking rules for using overloaded methods in a COBOL program are more stringent now. You must use COBOL types that match the NETDEFGEN COPY file method declaration.

SIGNED-INT   - int32.
   UNSIGNED-INT   - uint32.
   SIGNED-LONG    - long.
   SIGNED-SHORT   - int16.
   UNSIGNED-SHORT  - uint16.
  PIC X(nn)  - BSTR
  pic 9    - BOOLEAN
  PIC X    - BYTE