Error Handling

If the value of BITMAP-HANDLE is 0 or negative, an error has occurred. These errors are defined in acugui.def.

Error Value Description
WBERR-UNSUPPORTED 0 The system does not support bitmapped images. Currently, ACUCOBOL-GT supports the display of bitmaps on Windows systems only.
WBERR-FILE-ERROR -1 A file error occurred when trying to open name. The most common cause is that name does not exist. Other possibilities include a permissions error or running out of file handles.
WBERR-NO-MEMORY -2 The system ran out of memory trying to allocate space for the image.
WBERR-NOT-BITMAP -3 The named file does not contain a device-independent bitmap.
WBERR-FORMAT-UNSUPPORTED    -4 The format of the current image is not supported.
WBERR-MISSING-DLL -5 The runtime has attempted to load an image file (.jpg, .png, or .tff) and the file ajpg32.dll or ajpg64.dll cannot be found
WBERR-INVALID-HWND -6 The runtime cannot capture the current image. The window handle provided was invalid.
WBERR-INVALID-DATA -7 The runtime cannot access the bitmap object. This can happen if the window has been closed, or if the image is corrupt.
WBERR-INVALID-CLIPBOARD -8 The runtime has been denied access to the clipboard. This may be because another application has locked the clipboard.
WBERR-INVALID-PALETTE -9 The runtime is not able to create the palette for this image. The most common cause is that the image is corrupt or has a palette size that is not supported.