COBOL Modules

ACUCOBOL-GT is an ANSI-85 COBOL compiler and runtime system (ANSI X3.23-1985 and the ANSI X3.23-1989 supplement). ANSI COBOL is divided into a series of required and optional modules, each of which has various levels of implementation. ACUCOBOL-GT conforms to the following levels for each of the required modules (range of levels in parentheses):

Nucleus (1-2) Level 2
Sequential I-O (1-2) Level 2
Relative I-O (0-2) Level 2
Indexed I-O (0-2) Level 2
Inter-Program Communication (1-2) Level 2
Sort-Merge (0-1) Level 1
Source Text Manipulation (0-2) Level 2
Segmentation (0-2) Level 1

ACUCOBOL-GT does not support the optional modules: Report Writer, Communication, or Debug.

The following sections summarize various extensions and limitations ACUCOBOL-GT has with respect to the standard.