This variable defines a set of directories that the runtime searches to locate a program object file. The default value is "." (current working directory). Code and data file search paths are described in more detail in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide.

Directories can be a mix of relative and absolute paths. Entries are separated by spaces. A space is a valid separator on all systems. Alternatively, on UNIX systems you can also separate entries with a colon. On Windows systems a semicolon can be used. On VMS systems a comma can be used.

Include a "^" (carat) to specify the directory containing the calling program. For example:

CODE_PREFIX . /cobbin ^

causes the runtime to search the current working directory, followed by the "cobbin" root directory, followed by the directory containing the calling program.

You can specify a directory path that contains embedded spaces if you surround the path with quotation marks. For example:

CODE_PREFIX C:\"program files" C:\Customers

Up to 4096 characters can be specified for the value of this variable.