logutil Report Headings

The first column of the standard report has the heading TY. Its value is the record type, taken from the following list:

ST    Start Transaction
CB Commit Begin
CE Commit End
RO Rollback Transaction
DE Delete (record)
RW Rewrite
WR Write
OP Open (Opens an existing file)
MA Make (Creates or Recreates a file during an OPEN operation)
CL Close
CP Copy
RN Rename
RM Remove (file)

The other columns are as follows:

PID ID of process which wrote the record
Term Name of terminal used by the runtime
User User name of owner of the runtime
Client Host name of machine running the runtime, the client machine when using AcuServer
Date/Time Date and Time the event occurred
File ID Unique identifier of the file
File Name   Name of file being opened, created, recreated, deleted, renamed, or copied

The PID is usually less than six characters on UNIX machines. On Windows, however, the PID can be a long negative number. In order for the output file to fit within 80 columns, all PID numbers are truncated to show only the right-most six characters.

If the -l option is used:

Location      Byte offset of the record in the log file
Length Length of the log record